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The Sheridan Hope Thrillers Volume 1

When a story-writing doctor meets a mysterious detective, his life goes from everyday to pulse-pounding. The doctor joins the detective in his search for a missing inventor and a hunt for a vicious creature that vanishes. Unknown to the doctor, the detective is rushing towards a threat to the entire country and must survive expert killers to stop him.
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                                                         The Sheridan Hope Thrillers Volume 2

When the police  can't stop a killer, a doctor makes a dangerous move.
 Alone, the doctor  pits himself against the murderous brute. Another killer infuriates Inspector Lestrade. Police are ambushed  and the killer  deliberately leaves something behind.
 If  the case isn't quickly solved, other citizens will be murdered.
Neither  the doctor nor Inspector  Lestrade  have by their side the one man who can solve the heart-stopping, nail-biting cases.

Dark Hunger

 The company promised instant riches. For some reason, though, people going there disappeared. Private investigator Peter Sunday takes  a heart-pounding search that  could end with Sunday and the city  being wiped out.


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